A Special Needs Code of Practice gives practical guidance on how to identify and assess children with special educational needs. All early education settings, state schools and LAs must take account of this code when they are dealing with children who have special educational needs (SEN).

The School’s Co-ordinator for Special Needs is Aimee Todd and the Governor responsible is Ashley Manning and Rebecca Robinson. 

We follow the DfE Code of Practice and our school policy is available on request. Our Local Offer is also available below. This gives you details of the programmes and support we offer in school. Our aim is to provide children with special needs with an individual learning plan with clear targets towards which they can work. Whatever a child’s learning difficulty we hope that they can develop their full potential in a positive, caring learning atmosphere.

The school uses a variety of strategic resources to identify Special Educational Needs, ie teacher observation, parental observation, child’s own perceptions, pre-school information from Health Authorities and standardised public screens. The intellectual, physical and social development of each child will be assessed and appropriate provision will be made based on the assessment. This will be reviewed on a regular basis in consultation with parents and other relevant bodies.

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Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Policy 2023-2024